Sunday, December 18, 2005

We Are Living in a Material World

No drinking game this week. Just the gingerbread shack of the sad billionaire.

I made a house too. That's it in the background. Note the fluffy dog with a moustache. He's made of marshmallow.

thanks to
Jenny for thinking up the whole scheme.


Jenny said...

Well, if I had to lose to anybody, it might as well have been to SB.

Who knew that a shark infested Jello pool and an ice rink full of licorice scotties would be out done by some old birthday cake letters?

Yay Marx.

mzn said...

Nice work!

Is there a picture of the sharks in Jello?

What were the judging criteria? Did competitors get extra points for Marxism?

And did you eat them?

femme feral said...

Well, I HOPE Jenny will post pictures of the jello pool over on her blog (I don't have any).

And, although we didn't eat the houses, I've been nibbling on my roof and my ice rink.

Marxism *always* gets extra points.

mzn said...

How 'bout it, Jenny?