Thursday, May 26, 2005

You Should Watch HBO's THE WIRE

Check out our girl, Detective "Kima"

Watch seasons 1 and 2 of this incredibly addictive show on DVD. Then count the days until they release season 3. Then check the website compulsively to find out when season 4 will premiere (sometime in 2006).

Easily the best show on HBO since The Sopranos, The Wire is dense, compelling, and intense. Comparable to Shakespeare in its intricacy (I'm serious) and deftly un-self conscious in its delivery, The Wire makes Law and Order and CSI look like after-school special versions of TV cop drama. Set in Baltimore, The Wire probes the honeycombed depths of the troubled post-industrial city: the economics of the drug trade, the entanglement of well-meaning labor unions with organized smuggling operations, and a renegade police major's doomed attempt to reduce drug war casualties by partially leaglizing drugs. Each season follows a single case, and though the stories move much more slowly than is typical for this type of show, the depth and nature of the storytelling is so nuanced that every move and detail of every scence is luminous and compelling. Plus, the show is chock full of characters you will care about, and the stories linger in the grayest areas of "law" and "justice," often offering up sharp critiques of a society that is just barely held together by its own bundle of contradictions.

So, um, yeah . . .we like this show.


Jenny said...

Is it on DVD yet?

femme feral said...

Yes, I just updated my post.

you can also click on the Kima's picture to link to the site.

most of our pictures are links. Do you think people know that?? Sometimes I wonder if our links are obvious enough.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the suggestion--already updated the Netflix queue. I can't wait to watch it. Yeah HBO shows!!! I hope there are a lot of cool Baltimore shots in the show--that way I can be like, "oh look, I passed out on that street corner after 1722 one night" and "oh look that is where i threw up that night after brewer's art." :)

(is that how you spell queue?)

Anonymous said...

efdid you hear that some actors from the wire will be at a panel discussion at goucher on march 5? it should be really cool. check out for the info.

Anonymous said...

I'm hooked on the wire as well, but it's hardly a feminist enterprise. The women certainly appear strong (they aren't pushovers), but it's a male world, through and through.