Thursday, October 13, 2005

Please Don't Dress Your Dog Like a "Ho"

Every year I've somehow managed to miss the costume pet parade at Jo's. So I was surfing around, looking at pet costumes, trying to get an idea of what I've missed. Inevitably, I started feeling conflicted because some of the costumes are cute and the dogs are very very adorable, but in others, they look, well, sad.

Here's an example of cute:

piggy costume from spoiled rotten doggies

Somehow, as the Sad Billionaire observed, the shih-tzu retains it's dignity, even in a pink piggy get-up. This dog appears almost sanguine * The pug seems to possess a similar quality:

"Princess" Costume from PetCo

And the dog costume that uses word play? Also cute:

"hot dog" costume from brandsonsale

But not all dogs in dress-up-ville are happy. No. Some dogs seem a bit down in the mouth. Here's an example of sad:

"dracula" costume from PetCo

First of all, is that a skullcap? Second of all, are those arms? Third of all, are those little front legs really sheathed in some sort stiff , shiny material? This little doggie ain't feeling this look. A cape alone would be enough.

But this is nothing compared to what else is out there. Oh no. It gets worse. An example of just plain wrong:

"ho dog" costume from brandsonsale (there's a "pimp" costume to match)

so. wrong. so. so. wrong. Dogs don't want to be "ho"s.

*And yes, we know we are probably wrong about this. Don't worry, we are not planning on dressing up any dogs any time soon.** Just allow us to indulge in the fantasy for a bit longer.

**full disclosure: we did, however, subject our grandmother's dog to performing the role of "Sandy" in our persistent (and annoying, as my grandmother reminds me) renditions of the song "Tomorrow" from
Annie. This was circa 1984, and I had a red annie wig and everything. I know, poor dog. Poor, poor pooch.


Crystal said...

I bought Halloween costumes for my dogs last year and I am SO gonna be using them this year! ;-) The dogs hate it but I love it!

elkanikkole said...

remember when i used to dress up ozzie? once she was in a fashion show. I also constructed chaps and a cowboy shirt last year for Rufus, Ozzie's boxer/ridgeback friend. The chaps were made out of a mexican waxed tablecloth. they were tight, yo.

I have stopped dressing her up that much, though. I feel bad about it, since she seems a little less than happy.