Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Are You Sick of Celebrity Gossip?

From Gawker:

You Made the Celebrity Weeklies Cry!

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Women’s Wear Daily reports today that newsstand sales for People, Us Weekly, In Touch and Star are all down in the fourth quarter. Oh, the horror! Why, God, why?

It’s not unusual for magazines sold at checkout to experience a slowdown toward the end of the year, as holiday merchandise takes over front-end retail space. But category insiders see additional factors at work here, including overcrowding (three new magazines have entered the field in the past 13 months) and reader fatigue.

Emphasis ours, because holy shit what is your PROBLEM?! Oh, are you TIRED of reading about Jessica Simpson and Brangelina? Are you also a gigantic pussy? Well, suck it up, bitches. After the apocalypse scorches the earth and destroys life as we know it, these glossy weeklies will the the only things that survive.

Memo Pad [WWD]

What do YOU think?

*ALSO: we're in the midst of planning a few end of the year posts: Annoying Boy of the Year, Celebrutatlity: the Big 2005 Edition, WWMD (what would Marx do) 2005 and more...so stay tuned.


zp said...

I love that photo of Rosanne on US. I mean Britney. And so did the girl behind me in the supermarket. But we couldn't buy it because we're too damn poor.

Donny B said...

Ugh. As much as I like covering pop culture, I'm so over these weeklies. reader fatigure is right.

Crystal said...

The stories just got kinda old after a while. It was Jessica Simpson every week for 50 weeks.