Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fluff Sells

We're in the land of the SB where there's snow, maple syrup, and latkes aplenty. Oh, Canada! You are so cozy. You make us want to cuddle up and think about... bunnies!

Meet my new favorite ad campaign: the telus mobility bunnies. These little spokesfluffs are all over Toronto, tucked in all it's gray corners, crouched above benches at the bus stops, and splashed across billboards. When I am in a city, I usually do not notice ads; they are so ubiquitous that they seem to be an integral aspect of the modern urban landscape. If I do notice them, it is usually because I am nonplussed or nauseated. But I like these bunnies. And so does a certain almost two year old, which only validates my own opinion that these bunnies are good.

They are fluffy and cute. They have nothing to do with the product. They're simply delightful. If you're going to plaster a city's surfaces with ads, then do us a favor and at least include something fluffy.

And I just found out that one of their television ads includes a Le Tigre song (hot topic). Fluffy bunnies AND feminist pop??? Are these people reading my mind???

Now, I do not want to pretend that I don't find aspects of this campaign troubling. I basically find all advertising troubling. And I know there are people out there who have very strong opinions about the use of certain songs in ad campaigns (these posts relate to the use of M.I.A.'s "Galang" in a Honda Civic commercial). But there is no denying that I enjoy watching herds of bunnies hop across a music scale to Le Tigre. It's better than watching "bimbos" bop to Bruce Springsteen, which is what we usually see in tv commercials. So I say, bring the fluff!


Jenny said...

Very cute. I hope you guys are keeping warm in Toronto.

DC said...

I like your blog. Very good read. :-)