Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ingesting Text

I ate candy letters for breakfast this morning. Y'know, those letters that you buy to spell things out on birthday cakes? Yes, I was that desperate for something sweet.

Anyway . . .although candy letters may not make for the best first-meal-o-tha-day, they are pretty cool. Here are some of my favorite text/food combos.

Fortune Cookies
Baci Candy
Alphabet Soup
Alphabet cookies
Conversation Hearts (my favorite; read a funny summary of what's inside candy hearts)

Perhaps it's time for me to start writing edible found poems?

What sorts of letters do you like to eat?


ehl said...

Around here, the little man enjoyed alphabet soup for the first time yesterday. He kept yelling out the letters as he ate!

mzn said...

At the store the other day I saw frozen kosher chicken nuggets shaped like letters of the Hebrew alphabet. They frightened me a bit.

Spine said...

One of those candy hearts says "WEB SITE." Man, talk about flirtatious.

femme feral said...

Hebrew letters? That sounds cool. do they make candy in hebrew letters? I think I saw hebrew letter cookie cutters once...I will get some for you if I see them again.

Now I want to collect edible alphabets.

zp said...

I eat my own words.

juniper pearl said...

i was a great lover of alphabits cereal, especially when it came with marshmallow vowels, but i abandoned it for mccain's alphabet fries, because greasy beats whole-grainy the way claws beat skin. now, though, i only ingest the occasional bit of ink after bestowing countless kisses upon my well-worn copies of books like the little prince and william stafford's the way it is.

and you, zp--as well you should.

mzn said...

Customize your M&M's!

femme feral said...

I really want to make a set of Emily Dickinson m&ms now!