Friday, August 25, 2006


Hello, Campers. What a funny month it has been for the Fluffy $$$s crew. Austin to Bmore to OC to Tdot to NYC to LAX to Santa B. Whew. Our travels have been laced with many observations re: summer commerce and the world o' fluff. Did you read the Lilo interview in ELLE?? Nuts. What's your take on the new totally fug fall fashions? What about Alison getting kicked off Project Runway? Do you believe the rumors that HK was jealous? And did you see the new episodes of Laguna Beach. Those are some nasty biotches. I'll def have to make a longer post about that. The good news is that we got the second season of Veronica Mars on DVD. That show is so rad.

Anyway, here are a few chuckle-worthy pics from the Macy's display windows in downtown Santa B.

Aspiring Poet (note the glasses):

Aspiring Indie Film Makers:

And how has your summer been?