Monday, December 26, 2005

It boys

Wiki's take on "it" boys:
Male actors are usually referred to as "it boy" less often than a female actor will be referred to as an "it girl", as male actors often begin their careers at an older age. The reign of an "It boy" usually lasts around a year, where they will either become a full-fledged celebrity or their popularity will fade.

New York Magazine's article on "it" girls and an accompanying article on "it" boys


Donny B said...

"It" Boys also seem to have a initiation/hazing with the media where they are rumored to be gay once they reach a certain amount of fame. Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman (although in his case I think it's true even though he's married), Richard Gere, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, etc.

Ashton Kutcher only avoided it I think because he started dating Demi right after he became well-known.

And it took a while to happen to Tom Cruise, but it finally started this year (well, at least widespread rumors started this year...they were probably always rumbling in the background).

Jenny said...

On the website for that show "EXTRA" there is an article about the "new Hollywood It boy," Eric Bana. He is in that new movie Munich.