Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Make-up, Raccoons, Pandas, and a few notes of no import

I love all
the new holiday make-up sets. Stilla and Benefit and Urban Decay still make me drool the most. I also really like the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. (I'm such a sucker for the aesthetics of make-up and candy)

I'm reading a book by
CD Wright. It is really good. I'm starting to write prose chunks. Poems? Micro fiction?

The video of the baby panda makes me really happy. (thanks paula!) I only wish there were more baby pandas rolling around in the wild. Humans are so greedy.

We watched a very chubby raccoon make her/him self right at home out on our porch last night. s/he was shucking pecans and just cold chillin'. Then s/he waddle-slipped under the porch. We've been hearing lots of loud, furry noises in the wall. I know I should be trying to get the raccoon to relocate, but now I think s/he's cute.

In related raccoon news, I really want to see
Pom Poko -- a studio Ghibli movie about raccoons. But check out this bit from one of the customer reviews:
Aside from this, the biggest controversy about POM POKO seems to be centered on several scenes where the raccoons can inflate and/or transform their testicles(!) for multiple purposes. One particular scene involves a raccoon flattening his testicles against a truck, causing its driver to crash. Such moments may be alarming to children, but it is important to remember that while we see the testicles at times, the movie is, after all, animated. Even still, while a Japanese audience may take such scenes naturally, squeamish viewers in America could react differently. In fact, as a solution to handling this kind of translation issue, the English language version (produced once again by Disney) refers to the testicles as "pouches". That's a somewhat awkward decision, but it sure beats digitally removing the testicles from the scenes they're in.
Hmmm . . .

It is the end of the semester, and I feel all mushy toward my students.

I have been craving ceasar salad. I can't get enough.

My ms. now has the word "haruspex" in it. But still no "skein." Working on that.

I tried a gingerbread latte at St*$$. It was super yummy.

Stayed tuned for the next installment of the Fluffy $$$ drinking game!!! Booyakasha!!!


Donny B said...

I had a eggnog latte tonight at S&@%Bucks and was disappointed. I'm sticking to the Peppermint Mochas from now on.

zp said...

flavored coffee is so disgusting. how you could you, femme feral? ah, the season of hot milkshakes.

did you know raccoons and pandas are related? oh yes. at this critical juncture, we're obsessed with this fact.

as for the raccoon under the porch, i guess you should encourage it to move, but they ARE cute and quite fluffy in their own way. i grew up with raccoons nearby, off and on for a long time, and they never became a problem, really. i think they can't live too close to one another (unless they are in the family way) so you don't really get overrun. my cat used to be a real pushover and give them her food all the time until one day when she took it upon herself to scare the shit out of them, which was cool to watch. they worked things out and no one got hurt.

all this is to say that raccoons aren't the wildest things in the world and have (unlike the poor panda) co-existed with humans for a long time.

don't anyone write in with mauled-by-a-raccoon stories, or i'll cry.

zp said...

ps. i feel there is an eerie relationship between your latest post, on violence on reality TV, and my childhood raccoon watching. in the time before the real world. we had a really big window.

femme feral said...

I don't like flavored coffee beans, but I do sometimes like a nice steamy chai latte or, on the rare occassion, a latte with a shot of flavored syrup (in the summer I like italian sodas -- can't get enough almond and hazlenut italian soda!!!). Anyway, I like the idea of dessert in a cup sometimes. And I got sucked in by the smell of the gingerbread spices when I walked into *$.

Oh, desire!