Monday, November 21, 2005

Famous But Not Boring

Per your request, a list of celebs who we actually like.

In the tabloids:

Reese Witherspoon
Kate Winslet
Sarah Michelle Gellar (duh!)
Michelle Trachtenberg
Kristen Bell
Lauren Graham
and those Harry Potter kids

Not in the tabloids:

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sarah Silverman
Larry David
Ricky Gervais
Colin Firth

hmmm . . .thinking.


Charles said...

Sarah Michelle Gellar used to be my girlfriend

but then she got cancelled.

Jenny said...

Sarah Silverman is a really good call. Did you guys see The Aristocrats? She stolet he show from everybody, except--oddly--Bob Saget. (Who I am not suggesting should make your list.)

Colin Firth is good. I am also in Daniel Craig lately. But Kate Winslet is a definite. And I think Rachel McAdams is on the way to winning her stripes. She's pretty and versatile and doesn't go around flaunting it. I like her.

femme feral said...

SMG is the love of my life. I watch the old dvds and pine.

And your right, Jenny --Rachel McAdams seems cool. Is it 'cause she's canadian? I have a soft spot for them.

zp said...

You know what's a cute way of doing this?

"Reese Witherspoon, but not Kirsten Dunst"

Or there's this game we used to play, you can do it with political and historical figures too:

Susan Sarandon is to Julia Roberts as --- is to ---. And then the other person fills in the blanks.

Sor of like the SAT, but more fun. A celeb game, but one that is based on creativity and smart-ass, not trivial knowledge.

femme feral said...

hmmm, good idea zp! This is making me think that we should come up with a fluffy dollars drinking game. Perfect for that time of year when we celebrate capitalism and patriarchy. Stay posted my peeps -- we'll come up with a good way for you all to get good and jolly. ho ho ho indeed.

zp said...

As I was dropping off to sleep, I thought of this answer to my own analogy . . .

As Larry David is to Jerry Seinfeld.

You don't always have to explain (and I'm not sure I do now) but it would be something like this -

Older, riskier, more beautiful : makes being a whore look fun!

Oh, wait, that's complicated because of that CYE baseball episode.

femme feral said...

zp, you are very funny!