Saturday, November 19, 2005

Celebrutality Vol. 4: Famous But Boring

In the past we've asked -- "what in the sam hill makes so-and-so famous?" And while this line of inquiry is entertaining and somewhat productive, it doesn't allow us to get our hate on re: those celebrities who are really annoying but are also famous for fairly obvious reasons.

Take Hillary Duff, for example. Sure, I get why she is sorta famous. Lizzie Mcguire and all that. But boy is she annoying. Her voice has the texture of velveeta, and she went from sorta normal and cute looking to all bobble-headed and fakey-bakey. People also say her teeth are fake. I don't really care about that. I just think she puts the most boring, mediocre shit into the world.

And Keira Knightly. She is no Elizabeth Bennett. Grrr.

And Kelly Ripa. So what?

Others: Jude Law, Demi Moore, Aneglina Jolie

Others? Anyone?


Jenny said...

Well, I am with you on Hilary Duff. She is completely useless. Completely. I feel kinda bad saying it over and over, but she just looks like shit lately. Even worse is her sister. Are you pissed off that Keira Knightley is getting good reviews for P&P? Everytime I hear someone talk about it, I think of you and imagine that you must be really pissed off.

While I do hate Jude Law and Angelia Jolie, I can understand why they're famous. They are pretty attractive and sort of interesting to watch on screen. They have a certain "it" factor that I buy into.

On the other hand, I am getting really sick of all the tabloid stars lately. None of them do anything and none of them have any talent. Paris, Nicole, Lindsey, Hilary, the Laguna Beach kids, Kimberly Stewart.....they don't DO ANYTHING. It was fun for a while, but there is nothing left to talk about anymore, you know? That's why the tabloids have to make shit up. "They're Engaged!" "They're Divorced!" Those idiots can't even do anything interesting enough on their own, so the writers have to make shit up.

You guys should do an anti-celebrutality---"Famous and Deserving."

(happy early birthday!!!!)

femme feral said...

hmmm . . .famous but deserving. Good idea but, where's the fun in that?

I'm just kidding. I love SMG and Alicia and Beyonce . . .I could make a pretty good list.

who would you put at the top?

nhennies said...

Kirsten Dunst is profoundly annoying and is a terrible actress. Feel free to continue asking "Why is she famous??" I sure will.

Donny B said...

OK, if you ever watch Gia, you'll understand why Angelina Jolie deserves to be where she is. It's a movie where she plays the first major supermodel of the 80's, and she's like a freakin rock star. Then watch Firefox.

After seeing these two movies, I'm definitely glad that she got some attention, although the Oscar for Girl, Interrupted is debatable.

porkmuffin said...

i am almost scared to admit it, but i saw the new Pride and Prejudice. i am also sort of ashamed to admit that i thought it was pretty good, though 'tis true that KK was just barely passable as Elizabeth Bennet. but the movie was well shot, the entire supporting cast was excellent, and KK wasn't bad. i just needed a Jane Austen fix! and i needed a Mr. Darcy fix! (the new guy was very good, but he aint no Colin Firth.) ok i'm sorry. forgive me. i'll shut up now.

femme feral said...

Db, I totally understand why AJ is famous -- she's smoking hot and seems to be pretty talented. I just find her dull. I sort of liked it when she was nuts. I mean, I didn't want to be her friend or anything, but it was such a strange spectacle. kissing your brother? billy bob thorton? nuts.

I have to admit, though, I think it's cool that she's using her fame and power to get people to pay a little more attention to what happens outside the hollywood bubble. When you have enough power to get a crew of cameras to follow you anywhere, you might as well use it to do some good. So, despite my personal dislike for her whole vibe, I admire her for that.

femme feral said...

And you know what PS, I will probably go see pride and prejudice. I just love that Jane Austen. jenny used to tease me that I like any movie that had ladies in long dresses. she pretty much hit the nail on the head. so even though KK is no EB, I will probably go anyway.

Elka said...

I, too, saw the new P&P in Auckland while we were trying to get over our jetlag. And I adored it, because I don't care if it's BJ's Diary or what, I love any sort of stupid take on Jane Austen, no matter what. And I didn't find Keira Knightley overtly terrible, though she was a little dull.

I have to admit that I love the fuck out of Angelina. Gia is good, I agree, and I loved her in Firefox, and yeah, I used to have dreams that I was her couples therapist who wanted to have sex with her (very unethical!). I do agree that she was super intriguing during her Crazy Bitch period, but I also understand a little where she's coming from, because it seems to me that, similar to myself, who often goes through Crazy Bitch phases herself, that AJ was freaking out over the shit-ass treatment of the world, and now she doesn't have to do that so much, since she's actually doing something about the shit-ass treatment through her work with the U.N. And I admire the fuck out of her for that. And I also love that she's a mom now, too, and that she's adopting instead of procreating, which I would do too if I had the money (how sad is that? it's cheaper to make your own baby in your belly bakery than it is to order out for one, depressing, what with population control and whatnot).

Anyway, do love the AJ. Even find BP less aesthetically and morally reprehensible thanks to her glomming on to him.

Other celebs I like:

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DiRossi
Ed Norton (started a PV solar program for low income LA residents through his grandfather's philanthropic organization the Enterprise Foundation)
Ed Begley Jr. (for being an earth lover)
Larry David and his lovely wife (for their work against global warming)

femme feral said...

angelina has lots of fans. I'm gonna back off.

and I'm with you re: the jane austen, Elka. Though I'd still argue that after the A&E P&P, Clueless is by far the best Jane A adap ever!