Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Celebrity Feminism Fantasy Camp: Fall 2005

My little thought experiment / day dream*: I recruit a handful of down-in-the-mouth celebs, get them away from their icky boyfriends, overbearing fathers, and bad habits, and give them copious doses of
bell hooks, Sylvia Plath, and bikini kill.

Who do you want to see rise from the ashes? Here's my short list:

Britney Spears
Jessica Simpson

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mischa Barton

Kate Moss

Sienna Miller

most of the girls on Laguna Beach

Katie Holmes (too far gone?)

*This goes well with my plan to write a feminist alternative to He's Just Not That Into You.


Jenny said...

Katie Holmes is too far gone. I am pretty sure of that. She doesn't need boot camp, she needs a good deprogramer. Not like that freak on Veronica Mars. With the freaky limosine with tinted windows.

He's Just Not That Into You is not all that bad. The basic message of the book, despite its kitschy pink cover and stuff, is pretty much all about how everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. And about how if you aren't getting that then you should move on. Maybe a feminist companion rather than a feminist alternative. There are possibly some problematic assumptions about how women are "overly emotional," but on the whole it isn't at all like "The Rules"--remember that book?

femme feral said...

you know I should probably *read* he's just not that into you ? before I comment on it! From the little you showed me, you're right that it's overall message seemed positive. I just wish the title was something like YOU're just that into YOU (so you don't need some guy who doesn't treat you with love and respect) or HE'S just a DUD (so dump him) .

Did you read that Maureen Dowd editorial in the times this weekend? She talks a little about The Rules . That is one scary book.

juniper pearl said...

jessica simpson seems honestly happy with her life, and katie holmes would never know what to do with bikini kill, but i can see mary kate turning things around.

i, um, i don't really know anything about the rest of these people. sorry.