Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jess and Joss

Gilmore Girls: Word on the street says that Jess will be the one to shake Rory out of her DAR-sniffing haze.

Veronica Mars: And Joss Whedon plays a car salesman on Veronica Mars.


mzn said...

I always thought Jess was a rascal but I welcome his return.

That "What's the DAR?" stuff in the last episode was fantastic. I hope for more DAR just so that there can still be more mockery of it.

femme feral said...

I *know.* I'm like a big Jess fan now. He writes and works at an independent press and listens to the clash. That's so much cooler than Logan. I *hate* Logan. And his stupid friends -- yelling and thowing things at that poor folk singer -- you've *got* to be kidding me!

mzn said...

The Joss cameo was better than I was expecting. The portrait on the wall was clever.

As for the ep, I missed Wallace and I could have done with fewer mentions of "Ibiza."

femme feral said...

I missed wallace too, but I am fascinated by clarence whedmon.

your picture makes me want a cappuccino.