Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Girl in the Flammable Skirt

Isn't that a great title for a book? It's the title of Aimee Bender's first. She's here in town to do a reading and workshop at the house.

And check out the cover of her newest:

This is a fiction writer with a poet's sensibility. Here are some snippets from interviews.

from powell's:

It feels like a texture to me. The texture would go a little wrong if the character was named, if the story wants to be more mythic. As soon as someone is named, the story enters the world of reality a little more. As soon as a capital letter comes into play, it looks different and it feels different.

and from Beatrice:


To learn more about the reading click

To visit Aimee Bender's website (it's really cool) click here


juniper pearl said...

are there non-flammable skirts? can i get some? i wish someone had told me about them in college, maybe a moment or two before my (very drunk) friend leaned over to touch my (equally drunk) knee with her unsteady hand that was holding a lit cigarette. if only i had had more time to read for pleasure, catastrophe may have been prevented.

femme feral said...

college girls in burning skirts. now that's a good name for a band!

I bet you would really like Aimee Bender's writing, JP. Her stories are def informed by fairy tales (sort of like your sea horse and the oyster story)

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Aimee Bender is one of the best novelist. Leather Skirt