Monday, July 18, 2005

This Book Made Me Laugh

Tanuja Desai Hidier's Born Confused

Now that I've finally started that YA/teen novel that I've been meaning to write forever, I'm reading around in the YA/teen section again. This weekend's tome: Born Confused.

Also, check out the PUSH website. They have some really cool titles for teens. I think I'm gonna read Never Mind the Goldbergs next.


rockslinga said...

yay! i'm so excited about your novel. i send good vibes, and my muse sends your muse kisses.

femme feral said...

hey randa!

I think you would really like born confused. I'll bring it next time I see you.


Elka said...

hey, i interviewed david levithan (the founder of PUSH) for an issue of kitchen sink a while ago, and wrote about his book boy meets boy--totally cute well-adjusted gay teen novel.

Could I interest you in writing an article about the writing process/thought process behind your teen novel? Please??!!

femme feral said...

hey elka, I could try writing that aticle.

how do you get a book published. should I start polishing up excerpts as short stoies?

I'm so confused.