Thursday, July 21, 2005


Thanks to Elka, we just got the new issue of BUST in the mail.

Here are some tasty tidbits.

Learn about Lady Sovereign, a 19 year old rapper from the GRIME (rap, hip-hop, garage, and dance -- all mixed up, shaken, and stirred) scene in London. She's an endearing mix of moody and confident. I like it when she talks about her punk rock parents.

Francesca Lia Block, author of our beloved Weetzie Bat, talks about her new book Necklace of Kisses. Even though Necklace of Kisses is like, one of the worst book titles I've ever seen, I'm still pre-ordering this book. It's about what happens to Weetzie in her forties!!!

A brief piece called "Saving Face" about Safe Cosmetics Campaign, a group started by California teenagers to uncover what' s really in your make-up. Prepare to be grossed out by what they find:

An interview with Chuck D, who says "I think women should run the world. I think men have periods and they're called wars." Wow.

A fashion spread inspired by the films of John Waters called "Desperate Living." We love Baltimore.

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