Saturday, July 16, 2005

A Day in the Life of FF or What I've Done Since this Time Yesterday

1. Herbie Fully Loaded

Lindsay and the Lovebug

number of puppies: 4

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Midnight party at Borders.

lots of cute kids, tweens, and teens out in the harry potter garb.

number of puppies: 4

3. Rhymes with Witches.

number of puppies: 2

4. Showgirls

the best bad movie?

number of puppies: 3

5. The Daily Show on DVD
Do you remember that Zell Miller shit? Hilarious.

And frightening

number of pupies: 5

6. Shopping for groceries at the gas station in the middle of the night.

number of puppies: 0

7. Shopping for poetry at Borders

number of puppies: 1

Rating system:
5 puppies: Excellent.
4 puppies: Fun
3 puppies: Flawed and fried, but so bizarre it's worth seeing at least once
2 puppies: Does not live up to it's cover design, title, or our expectations
1 puppy: Avoid it. One puppy is never enough. And they haven't updated their selection in the last year.
0 puppies: :(


Jenny said...

Speaking of puppies, the little girl I tutor for just got a golden doodle puppy. It is sooooo cute and fuzzy. 5 puppies on a scale of 5 for all the poodle mixed breeds that are coming out now!!!

Jenny said...

oh yeah and a good story. the little girl i tutor for just the harry potter book in the mail, right? but a separate mailman came to deliver it. he said it was because that on his route alone there were over 400 harry potter books being delievered and they couldn't all fit in the mail truck! i love the thought of a whole neighborhood full of kids waiting by their mailboxes for the harry potter delievery truck to arrive.

Jenny said...

that's delivery. (i think)