Friday, July 01, 2005

Fluffy quote of the week


Entertainment Weekly is such a peculiar publication. It's full of contradications: one week they're hyping some ridiculous trend or movie, and then three weeks later they're making fun of people for liking it. It's like EW has amnesia, or a split personality. It's 80% industry ass-kisser and 20% sorta okay -- or as the sad billionaire would say " a little bit good" -- critique and snark.

But sometimes EW will give props to those who truly deserve it. Like our friend, the much-admired Hayao Miyazaki. In the last issue, there's a little interview with the genius creator of Totoro. And he says the smartest thing we've ever seen printed in EW.

EW: Is CGI going to destroy 2-D in the end?

HM: I'm actually not all that worried. I wouldn't give up on it completely. Once in a while there are strange, rich people who like to invest in odd things. You're going to have people in corners of garages [making cartoons] to please themselves. And I'm more interested in the people who hang out in the corners of garages then I am in big business.


our favorite neighbor, Totoro

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