Saturday, July 23, 2005

D-O-Single G

What a happy night it is over here at Fluffy Dollars HQ. The Eukanuba Dog Show is on, and we are watching all of the pretty puppies prance around.

I love dog shows. The commentary is so sweet, and the whole thing is very gentle and also quite fried.

Why is it that sometimes the mindnumbingly predictable is a source of annoyance-- say on cable news, when talking heads spout assinine cliches (my least favorite these days? the newfangled asian fusion cliches-- like "so and so is playing political ju-jitsu" or something is "political kabuki"...umm, sayonara, motherfucker?) while at other times, it is totally comforting?

For example, when the dog show people asked one of the dog experts who was likely to win, he said, "all bets are off once the dogs enter the ring." I thought to myself, "yes, all bets are off. How like life! I love you, dog show!"


elka said...

Yay! I watched the working dogs class for a bit (the boxer one, boo!), after inviting my own working dog to curl up on the couch with me to watch the festivities. Unfortunately, she smelled like bait from eating leftover minnows on the beach. Alas, it was a bit of a shanghai surprise, if I do say so myself!

elka said...

I mean, the boxer WON. Man, I am losing brain cells by the minute.

Pappy said...

Your website is really "gay"

Mackin with Pappy