Saturday, April 01, 2006

These Are the Animals in Your Neighborhood, Pt. 1

On nice days, the SB and I like to take walks around our neighborhood. We amble past all sorts of interesting things, but the best part of the walk is exchanging pleasantries with all the neighborhood animals. Here's a little intro to some of our friends. They are listed in the order in which we encounter them.

First there's Batgirl. She's a little black and tan chihauaua whose ears stick straight up like this ^^. She lives in a little square yard with a chainlink fence in front of a limestone house. She barks alot, and is very, very cute. The elementary school playground is across the street from her house, and she seems to spend lots of time barking at the kids. I think she feels left out.

Next there's the Queen of the Neighborhood. No, not BK's "Rebel Girl" but the infamous Captain Snuggles, a giant, fluffy white and marmalade and black beauty. Her boyfriend is a fluffy black and white kitty. These guys roam all over, and like to "fluff around" (translation: lounge and lick their paws). Captain Snuggles seems a bit vain, but she is gorgeous, so...

Then there's Angus, Fergus, and Foxy Honeychild Cleopatra. Angus and Fergus are black scotties, and Foxy Honeychild is some sort of fluffy brown dog. They live in a yard that seems to be decorated with oddly shaped, vaguely runic statues. The run along the fence as we walk by, and the SB does his best Scottish accent and calls them "bonny." They love it.

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

I know these aren't names that were given to these creatures by their owners. The names are much too lovely for that.