Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tell yr teacher: Grammar is for the birds

Songbirds May be Able to Learn Grammar


Jessica Smith said...

Of course birds know grammar! You can tell that even when they're just singing, because their songs have predictable patterns that change predictably according to circumstances. They also teach songs to their young, who make their own slight variations. Scientists are so stupid! It always makes me mad when they think they've found another reason that "animals aren't so different from us." Duh! WE'RE ANIMALS! I hate the essentialism and Christianity behind these crazy theories that "man" is better than "animals" -- and they always have some stupid "theory" they're "undermining" like "Man Has Language!" - what animal doesn't? that would be a worthier study: find an animal that doesn't have a language. Or "Man Uses Tools!" like, have you ever seen any ape, gorilla, monkey, bird, etc.? And what about prostheses as tools, because every animal uses prosthetics (my cat uses the countertop as a substitute for longer legs to get up on top of the cabinets).

Jessica Smith said...

A calmer comment-- how do you get "fluffy dollars" to be sparkly purple?

femme feral said...

agreed. humans are conceited.

the sparkler font is from hot glitter dot com. It's h.o.t.