Sunday, April 09, 2006

Missy + Feather Pen = H_O_T

I've been wanting to do a PUNK ROCK POETRY MONTH post, but then I watched this video on YOU TUBE (my internet girlfriend) and decided to post this instead. I know I'm not the first person to say this -- but HELLO -- these Missy videos are brilliant. And that shit with her at the desk with that big pen?? Awesomness.

On a not so related note, I've fully recovered from my run in with the snobs and am back to my benefit of the doubt self.

Also, WOMB is open for submissions. Tell your peeps.

I've gotten a few requests for topics lately, and I love it! Send 'em if you got 'em. It may take me awhile to get the post up, but I love getting requests.

I am looking for new music to listen to. Anything brittle, crinkly, or weathered is good. I also like screaming. What are you loving right now? Tell me!

Two T.V. shows that I saw for the first time this weekend: College Hill on BET and Can't Get a Date on VH1. I recommend both. Can't Get a Date is actually very sweet.

Have you seen Big Love? So far I think it feels heavy handed and manipulative. The best thing about it are these two girls who are also on Veronica Mars.

How cool is it that the SB made a post?!

Hope you had a rock steady weekend my lovelies!!!!


porkmuffin said...

Scout Niblett. buy her records right now.

SB's post on maniliness was too awesome to even comment on.

ren said...

Yay, SB!

Um, I've been listening to Japanese pop and dance music. (I heart Kotoko.) But it does not really fit any of your adjectives. It's made me hyper-aware of vowel sounds.

Donia said...

That's so weird that both tina majorina and amanda seyfried are on Big Love. I'm worried about Veronica Mars. There's lots of talk about it maybe not continuing for a third season! What do you think?

Anonymous said...

ITA about Big Love. I wish they would make a spinoff with just the teenage girls -- their part of the story is really interesting.

Donny B said...

I loved Can't Get a Date! It's so weird, with that creepy/comforting voice-over narration that calls the guy on all his bullshit. The show has nothing to do with anything VH1 says it's about, it's so random, but I'm already declaring myself addicted after one episode.