Monday, March 06, 2006

File Under Annoying

1.) People who, in a long line full of people (i.e. the security line at LAX), assume their flight is more important than everyone else's and harass TSA employees, huffing that "everyone is so unhelpful." These people are even more annoying if they look really rich.

2.) People who, in a packed plane, are too bored or lazy to tell their child to stop screaming and hitting the call button. Having children doesn't mean everyone will automatically assume little Damian is cute and therefore forgive you for your entitled laziness. Also, people who assume everybody wants to help them or stop for them just because they have a kid. These people are even more annoying if they look really rich.


We're back from California where a Ph.d program beckons. We feel energized and excited, so you can expect posting to get back to normal. Coming up -- posts on the new "dating chumps" reality shows, how Jennifer Anniston and Sarah Jessica Parker are becoming the same person, a new "annoying boy of the week," and all the cutie crack and punk rock poetry you can handle. Plus lots more!


elizalou said...

I love how the child's name is automatically Damian!

Glad you're energized and excited! My trip to CA last week had the opposite effect, but I'm hoping it's only because the weather here is so gross.

I think you should print some "I am not special" stickers and hand them out to obnoxious people, children and adults included.

zp said...

I love your travel stories. I am a strong believer in bright orange earplugs. So my neighbors have a visual reminder that I don't want to hear from them or their offspring.

Trip this fall, a kid was watching a Thomas the Train dvd on his computer with the sound on and no headphones.

And twice in the last year I've been on a plane sitting near a man reading a gun catalog. I actually didn't know if it was the same man, but is this common? Is it acceptable?

Oh, and there was the loud, friendly pair of strangers behind me who had so much in common - they both believed that the Iraqi's would welcome democracy if they had access to the TV show Friends. I am not fucking kidding. They said this. Loud enough so I could hear them with the earplugs in.