Friday, March 24, 2006

Punk Rock Poetry Friday

by Harryette Mullen

as horses as for
as purple as we go
as heartbeat as if
as silverware as it were
as onion as I can
as cherries as feared
as combustion as want
as dog collar as expected
as oboes as anyone
as umbrella as catch can
as penmanship as it gets
as narcosis as could be
as hit parade as all that
as ice box as far as I know
as fax machine as one can imagine
as cyclones as hoped
as dictionary as you like
as shadow as promised
as drinking fountain as well
as grassfire as myself
as mirror as is
as never as this


Read more about Harryette Mullen here


Also, I'm starting an online magazine for women's poetry. You can check it out here.


mairead said...

o my god does that mean you will be posting some more of YR very own pomes?

because i think they are beautiful. you keep that secret of you-as-poet too well. for reals.

femme feral said...

Well, WOMB -- the journal -- is intended to showcase all the exciting, innovative work women poets are doing, and to make that work accessible in a space specifically designated for women poets. Since I'll be curating the journal, I won't be a contributor myself, per se, though curators always end up "contributing" in some way.

Thanks for the kind words about my poems.

Jenny said...

You know, I was just reading an article by Mullen called "Poetry and Identity" that is really fascinating. She talks about being a "formally innovative minority poet" and what that has meant for her "construction" as an artist by the anthologies, etc. that publish her work. I'm not sure if the essay is online, but it's really fascinating.

Jenny said...

I just realized I said fascinating one too many times in that paragraph.