Tuesday, February 28, 2006


1.) Why is myspace so ugly?

2.) Why is Rory so annoying?

3.) Why only one Project Jay?

4.) Why can't Lisa Loeb find a decent man? Did you see that last episode? Chumps!


rockslinga said...

1. Because it has to set itself apart from friendster
2. Because she is written by annoying people
3. Who knows. Why do roses die?
4. Because she's a chump, too.

porkmuffin said...

1. because it's functional, it doesn't worry about the look. (well, more functional than friendster...)
2. because the show has jumped the shark.
3. because there is only one jay, and he is my beloved.
4. have not seen the show, but i suspect it has something to do with using a tv show to find your dates.

femme feral said...

re: myspace

functional things can be beautiful. Functionality and beauty are not mutually exlcusive. I think myspace is ugly because corporate capitalism wants to beat us into submission, and make us believe that the mediocre is in fact of value. fuck them.

also, friendster is ugly too, although friedlier than myspace.

re Rory: I think you are both right

re project jay: roses die, sure, but stopping the cycle of life and death is hardly comparable to keeping one entertaining show on the air. if they are in the same category, kill me now.

and yes porkmuffin, he is your beloved. lucky you.

re lisa loeb: surely on a contrived reality show, there can be at least one man who is not a chump. again, is this a conspiracy on behalf of corporate capitalism to convince women everywhere to settle for dufuses? Or, is it secretly sponsored by the artificial insemination industry?

rockslinga said...

you are TOTALLY right re: corporate america and mediocrity. yuck.

and did you see that episode when LL went to the rabbi's and told her age? i almost spewed my green tea laughing...

porkmuffin said...

re: myspace, of course it's a corporate fuckfest, but then so is almost every form of advertising. that's all it is, it's a little publicity engine that will soon lose steam. but while it's got some steam, i have no objections to four hundred random people from all over the world hearing my band, so i am a fan. but then again, we can't wait to sell out. we're standing in line saying "over here! we'll sell out!"

femme feral said...

I wish there was an alternative to myspace for musicians. Kurt feels the same way as you do, ps. I'm glad it helps so many artists.

And the whole notion of "selling out" is stupid. Of course musicians want to make money. accusing people of "selling out" doesn't really make sense to me. so go you!

That aside, I still think it's ugly.

Michalle said...

Isn't Midori Umi in SXSW this year? I thought I saw them on the list. If so, congratulations! If not, oops.

porkmuffin said...

indeed we are in the fest. also playing several day shows. check out our myspace for info! ;)

Anonymous said...

I dont know 3 times and no 1 timebut do tell.