Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Over Oprah

I haven't seen the show in awhile, and although I love hearing Kathy Griffin narrate the Oprah Barbara Streisand interview, I have to say I had a hunch the show had gotten sort of bonkers. Tom Cruise and all. But it's really a strange show. The lighting, the make-up, the fawning fans. I like Oprah, I do. But I think the whole format should just be Oprah going around helping people. Today she interviewed SJP, and it was so vapid, so underwhelming...such an obvious time suck, that it was startling.

And are SJP and Jennifer Anniston the same person or what?

It occurs to me that the current celebrity bubble really has burst. There's no grit, no texture. It's too virtual. But what's next, trendwatchers? What?


Jenny said...

You know how you are always saying that the tabloid thing really started with Tom and Nicole? (Don't you say that?) Well, I think in that case we actually thought we had access to something "real"--you know? It was news, but it was also about celebrities and it was gossip and it was exciting. And then we rode that bubble for a while before realizing, as we have now, that it is just so completely made up. I look at the tabloids in the supermarket each week and it's like, "Britney's Pregnant!" "No Baby for Britney!" "Britney's Divorced!" "Britney and Kevin's Reconcilation Getaway!" I'd kinda just rather read a good fiction novel. One that's not written by Nicole Ritchie.

porkmuffin said...

i agree with you about Oprah. i'm over her and the show in general. the only episodes i like are either 1.) Oprah helps the world (like the Fistula episodes) 2.) Oprah helps the audience (favorite things episode or the car giveaway) 3.) Nate Berkus helps people while Oprah throws her hands in the air.

i love Nate.

zp said...

I am sorry to hear Oprah is going through a slough. I love Oprah.

As for SJP and Anniston; they have clearly formed a consensus about the other look plastic surgery can acheive. The not exactly blond pancake look.

But SJP is a lesbian and Anniston isn't, right?

rockslinga said...

Oprah's celebrity interviews have always been vapid. I rememember when she interviewed Madonna 5 years ago and asked her how she kept in shape, then actually asked her what she had for breakfast that day. Then O spouted off all this eat little stay in shape bullshit. It made me so furious I swore off Oprah forever and eternity. How someone who has a huge female audience be so irresponsible about food issues is beyond me. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for me...What about how she NEVER takes a side on political issues? Someone as powerful as she could really make a difference. Say something about Iraq and Palestine, about gay marriage, about Homeland Security...something! Fuck her.

kate.d. said...

SJP a lesbian? now that one i haven't heard :)

first jake gyllenhaal, now this...i'm hopelessly behind the times!

but it gives me something to go investigate via the internet's treasure troves of knowledge, while i should be editing a spreadsheet or something...