Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jonathan Antin Will Eat Your Children

The SB said it best: Brain Poison. There is no other phrase that could adequately describe the Bravo series Blow Out. For those of you unfamiliar with said series, the basic premise is this: a narcissistic, sociopathic, abusive, mercurial, and volatile hair stylist (Antin) runs around doing hair. This would be boring except that Antin basically terrorizes someone new just about every place he goes. Whether it be an employee, a client, or a business partner, Antin is not in this world to make friends. Doing so would suggest that he is human. He is so utterly un-self conscious that it's pathological. I know I don't sound very nice right now, but check out this clip of Jonathan Antin with Bruno (aka Ali G aka Sascha Baron Cohen):

Am I right or am I right? This guy is nuts.

Here are some quotes from the premier episode of Blow Out season 3.

On his involvement with the marketing of Jonathan Product:

"I do what I do best: make beauty"

On sexually harassing models on a photo shoot:

"People don't want to look at clothes on girls; People want to look at clothes coming off girls."

On working with clients who have to 'get into wardrobe' thus making Antin relocate for the rest of the styling:

"You're going to move ME, when I'm here for YOU?" (said with utter incredulity, because, y'know, when YOU're hired to do a job people are supposed to cater to YOU. That's way more important than being in the right clothes when the curtain goes up. Um, logic?)

On his appearance on the Early Show:

"When Diane Sawyer calls you a hairstylist, that's like the higher being looking down on you and saying 'you did good kid.'"

What a piece of work!!!

Anyway, J.A. was probably too busy looking in the mirror to worry that being on TV might lead journalists to uncover this bit of dirt from his past. What a prick!!!


Jenny said...

Holy hell. I need to get cable.

Was that on Ali G or Blow Out?

So do you guys recommend Blow Out? Or staying away from Blow Out?

Michelle Detorie said...

I guess I would say proceed with caution. this shit is like the crystal meth of tv.

that clip is from ali g. booyakasha!

Anonymous said...

I would say if you watch the show close enough you will also see the more emotional side of Jonathan he is a very sensitive guy deep down inside. It's not every day that you see a man with his character break down and cry on national tv. you are obviously just looking @ the negative side of him. I have been watching blow out since the very 1st season and i make sure to tape it if i cannot watch it right away. Think of it this way, if it was all of your money, reputation, and career on the line would you risk losing it all just because you asked for something that you know can be done but people are refusing to listen or do it? he also has people trying to make him change the person that he is altogether by making him express himself the way that they chose. I THINK YOU ARE TRUKY HATING ON SOMEONE WHO IS HAVING GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!