Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Twinkle Links and "Cutie Crack"

This title scorer is really nifty, although it's a tad inscrutable. In case you're wondering, Fluffy Dollars has about a 60% chance of being a best seller. Hmm...

And what's up with all the cute stuff? Turns out that cute things stimulate the same part of the brain as drugs, leading us to start a new feature -- "Cute Crack." This week's dose of cute crack is pictured above. Those are baby porcupines. The one on the end looks sleepy. Image source


elizalou said...

You've got me, I'm addicted. Take that Nancy Reagan. I can't say no.

BTW, saw the link to you at the Carnival of Feminists. You are such the mover and shaker!

Jane Doe said...

I'm feeling the rush. Now I need to cuddle.

I found you by way of the Carnival of Feminists - congrats!