Friday, January 13, 2006

My New TV Girlfriend

is Mac (played by Tina Majorino) from Veronica Mars. She's more than just a post-Willow sidekick.

Reasons I like Mac:

1. Blue hair is cool
2. She calls her bedroom "the cave."
3. She's smart
4. She brings some subtle lesbian-undertones to her interactions with Veronica
5. She rips off all the idiot rich kids with a "purity test" so she can finance the purchase of a shiny new car.

There's a Veronica Mars panel at the Alamo tomorrow. Creator Rob Tomas along with Kristen Bell (Veronica) and Jason Dohnring (Logan) will be there. Unfortunately, the show is SOLD OUT ( >sniff< ) but we might go just to get a peek anyway.


Jenny said...

I still have to finish watching the first season! Are they going to pick up the show for a third season?

porkmuffin said...

i have started to watch VM. only 2 episodes in and i can already see why you are hooked on this awesome show.

my friend was at both QA sessions (he works for Alamo) and said Sat. night was weird--very testy audience that kept asking really snarky questions and being sort of mean to Rob Thomas. he said Sun. night was better and more fun. the report is that K-Bell (who plays VM) is funny, smart, and super friendly.

femme feral said...

I am sooo jealous of your friend. why would anyone be mean to Rob Thomas? he has such austin love?

I'm not surprised K-Bell is cool. I saw her on Punk'd and she seemed rad (she likes to rescue dogs).

porkmuffin said...

holy crap, i just realized that she is the kid from "When a Man Loves a Woman" and "Waterworld"! WOAH.