Friday, January 13, 2006


do I find this story about Lindsay Lohan's graffiti so fascinating?


elizalou said...

Me too!

I think it's because I so want to like Lindsay Lohan, but, other than her funny appearances on SNL, she's not giving me much of a reason.

But Scar Jo, on the other hand, hasn't given me a single reason not to like her. She is, imo, a true movie star. Plus her appearance on SNL last night was friggin' funny.

Maybe Lindsay's pissed because Tina Fey and Amy Pohler want to be BFF with Scarlett now instead of her?

femme feral said...

Good theory about LL's hate for Scarlett. I just assumed it had something to do with Jared Leto.

There's something about Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan running around and going to strip clubs together that I find really fascinating. And the graffiti incident -- the description of scarlett as a "bloody" cunt that coupled with the strip club / theatrical lesbian antics that makes it so high school but also so f-ed up... I'd like to post on it eventually, if I ever make sense of it.

elizalou said...

Ooh...please do! I don't know why it is that famous people have to hang out with other famous people anyway. Just more attention mongering?

I know nothing about Jared Leto,actually. I'm so bad with my boy gossip. That could be a whole other post too, actually.