Friday, January 06, 2006

Friends with Fluffs

Dear Readers. I am soliciting you for pics of your favorite fluffy things. This is a picture taken by the lovely Miss Elka of her dog Ozzie. This picture is rad for three reasons: (1) obviously, Ozzzie is very cute. (2) Ozzie is wearing a fluffy feather boa (3) Ozzie is making an adorable expression, which includes an eyeroll.

I KNOW that ozzie is a feminist, but I'm not sure if she's a Marxist. My hunch is that most dogs are Marxists, but I'm not a pet psychic, so that's just idle speculation.*

*BTW, I love that commercial in which Fat Joe plays a pet pyschic. It's for some phone company. It's tight.


Anonymous said...

ruff ruff! thank you for the link. anything you can do to up my already righteous popularity is appreciated!


ozzie dog

Spine said...

Here is my fluffy cat.

femme feral said...

Hey spine, your cat is radtacular!

Anonymous said...

Here are links to some pictures of our cat, Marlowe, 'resting' with some artifacts Richard Hell sent us. Real things that probably shouldn't be bitten:

femme feral said...

Marlowe is adorable. AND I love that name!