Thursday, September 01, 2005

The NYT has not one, but two articles on the defanging of Punk

Hilary Duff and Punk Rock

Toddlers with Mohawks*

*I think this is a great name for a band.


Jenny said...

I thought that first article was really interesting. Is Good Charlotte punk? I didn't know that. I am so confused about what's what anymore. I find it funny that Hilary Duff has a greatest hits album. I think that song Wake Up is pretty catchy, but I can't stand Hilary Duff. I really can't. I probably would have liked her when she was playing Lizzie McGuire, but now I am offended by everything she stands for. Especially "not partying" and the entire line of Candies shoes.

I almost cried when I read the line in that article that reads, "Pop Stars like Ashlee Simpson got more brazen about creating their own radically deranged form of punk." Are people still giving that bitch credit for anything?

femme feral said...

Ashlee Simpson isn't responsible for creating anything. I really believe that. I bet that sentence made Avril Lavign (sp?) spit nails. Anyway, while I think it's true that the sounds in much of today's power pop have been somewhat influenced by punk, the aesthetic is def. that of pop. It's pop music! pop pop pop!