Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Televizzle Sizzle . . .sorta

First of all, let's get one thing straight: we still have two weeks of Summer. Two weeks. That whole autumnal equinox thing doesn't happen until September 22. And even though school started two weeks ago -- complete with students who answer their cell phones in class -- we still like to come home and bum around in tank tops and flip-flops and go swimming on the weekend. So let's not rush needlessly into Fall.

Of course when it comes to Fall tv, however, we can't stand the wait. The OC, if anyone still cares about that show, starts on Thursday. And the Gilmore Girls premiers on Tuesday (though truth be told, part of me is sort of dreading the premier b/c I really think Daniel Palladino really messed up the character of Rory; we can barely watch the last few episodes of season 5 without feeling completely betrayed. How could Amy let him do that? And what's up with giving unctuous characters like Colin -- known in these parts as "colon" -- and Finn more screen time? Are they trying to make us sick?). Unfortunately, the second season of Veronica Mars doesn't premier until the 28th.

But since the fall TV season is just around the corner, it occurs to us that we better mention some of the shows that caught our attention this past summer before they become no more than dusty electrons of seasons past. Unlike the rest of the world, we did not fall in love with Being Bobby Brown. We did, however, watch Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List (season finale is tonight), and that was pretty good. It's sort of a one-trick pony, but if you like KG, you probably liked this show. And there's a sort of bouquet of silly reality shows -- Filthy Rich Cattle Drive (produced by none other than Joe Simpson! Tagline: cows don't care who your daddy is), Hogan Knows Best, and The 70's House -- that are about as close as you can get to the TV equivalent of junk food. By that I mean we routinely consumed said shows (along with frozen pizza and beer). And yeah, we watched the final season of Six Feet Under. We wouldn't mind seeing a spin-off about Claire, but thank God we never have to see Nate's face again. Rest in peace indeed!


Rell said...

All you need to watch this fall is "Lost." I can't express how great that show is. But who knows maybe the Bobby Brown show will be back and be good.

porkmuffin said...

i can't believe you dissed Nate like that... dude, i'm not sure we can stay friends...

Penultimatina said...

I hear you on Nate. By the end, he was like sand in my sneakers.

I wanted more Claire too; she was just starting to get really...complex.

Will be tuning in to L O S T .

mzn said...

Will not be tuning into "Lost" or L O S T. Don't like the way it raises questions without answering them.

Will be tuning into new show with Don Johnson and Jay Baruchel; I'm one of those "older" viewers the WB is hoping to attract (source: )

femme feral said...

Sorry PS, I just really hated Nate by the end. But boys bug me.

I'm hoping to get to your show on friday!