Monday, September 12, 2005

IF Her Dogs Are On The Show, Then We're Def. Gonna Watch

First of all, the important stuff: Martha Stewart has a Chow-Chow named Paw Paw and a French Bulldog named Francesca.

Also, her new show premiers Sept. 21.

Trump has the hair, Stewart has the pups.


Jenny said...

I can't wait until the Martha Stewart show. (Both the AM one and the PM one). And I especially can't wait for the Halloween edition of Living.

mzn said...

Martha actually has two new shows. The daytime syndie began today; its the Marthapprentice for which we must still wait till next week.

Crazy pooch!

Penultimatina said...

I loved that pic of her French Bulldog in MSL a few months back. Omnimediamaniac here. Good things. Good dogs.

ajq said...

I totally love all of Martha's pets..So much that I created a site dedicated to them :) Check out to see all of the times they have been on the show, in the news, when celebs talk about their pets, etc!!!