Thursday, September 22, 2005

All My Books Lined Up

Since the pics of Britney's baby's room have hit the wires, I've been fantasizing about the types of rooms I would have if I had all that money.

So of course I went straight to amazon and e-bay to look at pics of antique bookcases. Check it:

hot, huh? And look at this.

Yum . . . so pretty. And of course I love all this furniture from Anthropologie, even though I'm sure it is tres overpriced. Still, this mirrored table is really cute.

But I have to be honest. If I had lots of money to spend on pretty things, I'd probably buy a bunch of frivolous stuff for a little fluffy dog.

For example:

A chaise lounge for pets? Ridiculous . . .yet CUTE! But don't worry friends, even I wouldn't go this far.


porkmuffin said...

how far would you go?

Jenny said...

I know--wouldn't it be awesome to buy lots of nice furniture? I fantasize about furniture. Big book cases, sturdy tables, comfy sofas. I also want a big chaise lounge for my bedroom. Why did you do this to me? Now I'm off in fantasyland again. Maybe I'll see Britney there.

femme feral said...

Is that cloning site for real? yikes. So strange...

ELka said...

yo, those pictures of Brit's nursery are super disturbing. You can take the girl out of the redneck woods, but you can't take the....

Anyway, maybe she and Michael Jackson will have fun hanging out together...their tastes strike me as eerily compatible.

Or perhaps....he is next husband material?! Yes!