Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Britney Spears, Writer

Can you handle my truth?

Called "video therapy" by Britney Spears, the footage you'll see in tonight's premier episode of Chaotic wasn't shot by a team of reality tv photographers, but by the subjects themselves.

Does that sound radical to you?

Britney, who dissed the "false tabloids" on her
website, reportedly hopes the series will dispel rumors about the nature of her relationship with K. Fed. In other words, she's hoping to use the series to effectively "rewrite" her story simply by telling it herself.

Most reality stars and their on-camera exploits are simply treated as raw material by the writers and editors who shape the footage into a "story" -- you know, something with a season-long "arc" that can be narrated episode by episode, with each episode having its own mini-arc.

Ever since the "Real World" debuted, we've been hearing stories about how what we see in an episode of reality television only vaguely resembles what really happened. And while we're sure whatever we see in Chaotic will be in its own way a "fiction," we're interested to see how Britney ( whos clearly the creative force in this project) tells the story. And besides, does anyone even care how "real" reality shows are anymore? What we are really curious about is how visible Britney's "narrative intent" will be in tonight's program.

Some may ask, why did Britney have that camera with her all the time?

Because the girl ain't stupid.

And others may insiste that everything we'll see is staged, and therefore isn't "reality." To that we say, so what??? The real question will be how effective the series wiil be at increasing Britney and her parasitic huzband's capital.

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rockslinga said...

i'm watching chaotic right now. so far, it's really fun...