Saturday, May 14, 2005

Internships 101: Trend Predictors

Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas in 1939's Ninotchka.

We thought this article was really interesting, and when we opened up the Spring Issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and saw *our* wedding theme (that we thought of, like, *months* ago) on page 181, we thought it might just be time for us to give so-called "trend forecasting" a try.

So we got out the Magic 8 ball, our library of random fashion and celebrity magazines from the past year, and plopped ourselves down in front FashionTrance. Here are our preliminary notes.

1. We are sick sick sick of color. No, really! After perusing our magazines for a few hours, our eyes were really hurting! We felt like we needed a good black and white movie, and not just any old b&w movie, but one that featured a plain and structured (re: vaguely military ) wardrobe. It occurs to us that perhaps all that puked-up color on people's clothes is a way to block out the reality of the war in Iraq. Or, perhaps (like the flower children of the 60s) the ubiquity of day-glo prints and asymetrical hemlines are attempts to protest the grim horrors of global politics (somehow, we doubt it). Whatever the current motivation might be, we predict that it will change. We predict that more people will go for understated neutrals -- grays and greens and charcoals -- and cuts that feature long, clean lines. To get a better idea of what we mean, check out Garbo's outfits in the first half of Ninotchka.

2.) Lotsa boobs have been popping out of dresses, and the numbers of camera-phone photos of celebrity penises circulating the internet are rising (no pun intended). We predict that more people will be into covering up.

3.) The nesting trend will continue as people continue spending all their money at home depot and watching countless hours of Trading Spaces .

Home decor will be all about bringing the outdoors in: look for plants, shells, dried flowers and twigs, and furnishings in the colors of mother nature. That library / study look will get bigger too (see #5).

4.) Look for things to dim bling-wise. The minimalist approach we're hearing in the freshest beats will eventually influence more hip-hop fashion.

5.) People will read and buy more books. Especially poetry. Poetry will be the new kabbalah.

6.) At the Mall: The reconstructed-clothing and refurbished vintage look will finally penetrate America's emerald cities of commerce. Anthropologie is planning to open a bunch more stores; look for The Gap to play catch up.

7.) It's trick to walk around: In towns and cities we'll see more mixed-use living areas. Nobody wants to be stranded in suburbia anymore. Look for developments that feature entertainment and retail outlets (i.e. condos with a starbucks and shopping ) nestled within residential spaces.

8.) Boys are on their way out. We're talking about those VICE magazine, trucker hat wearing, annoying Williamsburg boys. Goodbye babies! Sweet dreams little bam bams!!!

**We're interning as trend predictors all summer, so stay tuned. E-mail us if you've got a tip.


Jenny said...

Here's what I predict:

1. At the end of the summer I am going to look at my shoes/purse rack and vomit over how much money I invested in the metallic pink/gold/silver trend. Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna rock it until like July, but it's already one of those things I know I'm going to be super embarassed about.

2. I hope to god that big, black sunglasses don't go out for a little while because I spent a BANK on mine. Please, please, just one more season!!!

3. I also firmly believe that purse charms have not been given their fair time in the spotlight. They've been kinda overlooked, but I think they're really hot, and cheap, and fun--specially the really tacky ones!

ren said...

The outdoors in is so true. My very cool friend with a very cool duplex with the fabbest view in Austin just incorporated a large dead tree into a corner of her living space. It looks so good!

And Anthropologie is a great store.