Monday, May 09, 2005

We Like Fruit in our Lyrics, Thank You


Despite our aforementioned distaste for Gwen Stefani's fetishization of all things harajuku, we still really like her latest single, "Hollaback Girl." We especially like it when she says "these bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S." We also like the retro-minimalist "oh Micky you're so fine" vibe of the beat; it makes us want to learn how to do gymnastics.

But Stefani isn't the first person to use our favorite yellow fruit in her lyrics. Satomi Matsuzaki of the uber-brilliant snap crackle avant-pop outfit DEERHOOF was there first. In fact, Satomi even performs with giant pieces of plush, stuffed fruit. You know, like a teddy bear but shaped like a BANANA or a CHERRY. Genius.

They also have *really* good lyrics about animals.

What's even cooler is that DEERHOOF likes to give their songs away for free. That's right. They have four free mp3s on their Kill Rock Stars website, and bootleg / live stuff is available at the
Puzzling Music Archive.

Now that's super-sweet!! Go have yourself a taste!

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Jenny said...

Yeah, Hollaback rocks. It makes me wanna throw my pom poms down and get all up in someone's face. And I agree with the ickiness of the Hara-whatever girls. I like the style, but the human accessories are kinda gross. Even weirder is the fact that half of the songs on her new album--which I actually love--are about those girls. It doesn't make me stop loving L.A.M.B., but it does have me hoping that she drops the Tokyo tip for her next musical venture.