Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Bark Magazine = Tasty!

Dog Fancy this is not*. Forget the prissy Glamour Shots of poised purebreds. This is Bark, the coolest rag about pooches ever. Some call it The New Yorker of Dog Magazines, and we can tell you that it is indeed chock full of good writing. In fact, we got a subscription after a certain famous poet recommended it. We're only sorry that it's a quarterly: we wish is was a monthly, or even a weekly!

There are many reasons to love this magazine: abundant pictures of fluffs, sensitively written articles about caring (both physically and emotionally) for your best friend, cool ads for puppy palaces and dog jewelry and organic spa pet products and home baked dog biscuits, and even book reviews about the latest titles of interest to dog lovers. But it's the politics of the magazine that we want to give a big paws up: the eds. are big advocates of adoption, no-kill shelters, and mixed breeds. Moreover, they've exposed the evil practice of puppy mills, and refuse to be sold in pet stores that don't guarantee their dogs come from reputable breeders.

Of course, we also like that Bark keeps us apprised of all the new pup-related trends. In the latest issue, for example, they inrtoduced us to Dogster, the doggie equivalent to Friendster.

Bow Wow!

*don't get us wrong! We love Dog Fancy too! And of course we love *all* dogs. We're just trying to make a point about the magazines' two different aesthetics. Like, Bark : Dog Fancy as Bust: Vogue. Got it?

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porkmuffin said...

i'm also a fan of BARK. also please note that my very own shelter-rescue mixed-breed fluffy friend is on Dogster.