Thursday, May 19, 2005

Palm Trees and Retail

I'm in Westwood, home of UCLA and a bunch of rich people, and I am very very stimulated. No, not in a dirty way -- but the colors here throb. And those coffee drinks from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf -- y'know, the ones with the purple straws that all the celebutantes are always drinking in the tabloids? -- they are REALLY REALLY good. My sister introduced me to the Black Forest, and well, let's just say walking through all the shiny retail amidst all the shiny young people beneath the shiny floaty palm trees after one of those: very intense.

P.S. You will be the first to know if I see anybody famous!!!

P.P.S Any town that has a MOCA, a Little Tokyo , AND a beach is RAD.


Andrew said...

Femme Feral,

Did you know that Westwood is the home of the original Coffee Bean? I used to go there all the time when I lived there, and I thought the Ice Blended was the greated thing I'd ever tasted. This was years before Starbucks ripped them off by introducing the Frappucino and every other coffee store started making cheap imitations. But even now the original Ice Blended remains the best. No one has figured out their secret formula. By the way, I'd recommend the Vanilla one the next time you go. I used to live on those things!

Jenny said...

Ice Blendeds rule. The only thing that eclipses an ice blended is an In-and-Out Burger.