Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm Breaking Up With The Gilmore Girls

It's over.

Gilmore Girls: I loved it and watched it for years. I fell asleep to the dvds. I not only coveted Lorelei's hair and outfits, but I wanted to be her. And I believed Rory Gilmore to be one of the most interesting high school characters to ever grace the small screen. And because of these warm and fuzzy feelings, I was willing to stick with the show when it started to piss me off. I was willing to pretend it was okay that Rory went from being interesting to being annoying in season 4. And then I was willing to just not care about Rory and to focus solely on Lorelei and her story line when Rory became unwatchable in season 5. But now they're fucking with Lorelei, and well, I'm just plain fed up.

Granted last night's episode had some stellar moments. Or rather I should say -- the last ten minutes of last night's episode were fantastic. But I'm sick of watching fifty minutes of trash for a few good minutes at the end. I'm sick of watching the same conflicts we saw in seasons 2 and 3 (the whole Paris - Rory paper crisis is a much less interesting version of the Paris - Rory student government fallout we saw in season 3). And Rory falling for Logan again is just like Rory falling for Logan the first time. We get it -- she's spoiled and shallow and everybody still loves her. But now these people expect me to watch Lorelei eat shit??? Fuck that.

The whole Luke love child thing seems like a judgment or punishment. And Luke not telling her about it is inexcusable. The only thing I wanted to see last night was Lorelei dumping his sorry ass. I knew things were bad when I opted to continue my nap instead of waking up to watch the last episode when it aired two weeks ago. But now I'm done. Done. And no "welcome to the SH, bitch!" is gonna bring me back. No. It's going to take a lot more than that.

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Jenny said...

Wow. I almost wish I watched GG so I could bitch with you. But if you just replace all references to your show with names and situations from Lost, then I completely agree with you. I can't say I'm done with it....I'll definately still watch...but I'm fucking fed up. Nothing ever happens and it's always a rerun. yuck.