Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Things

*Those of you in Austin should come out to the Katherine Anne Porter House to hear Abe Verghese read tonight. He is *amazing.* The reading is at 7:30. Details here.

* Has anyone else noticed the new "gangsta rap" ads for Avis? They are f-ed up, turning on the idea that white guys in suits listening to gangsta rap is ironic, or old white people in sweat suits driving a yellow hummer and listening to hip-hop is ironic. This "irony" troubles me. Actually, I find it pretty offensive.

* I wanna know how "stars" of reality tv are compensated. According to a tidbit at
Oh No They Didn't!, the Laguna Beach kids made around 2k a season; less if they aren't in the opening credits. After musing on Assley Parker Angel and Project Jay -- how both the "stars" of these shows struggle with their poverty -- I'm curious as to how they are compensated. I mean, they gotta be given a living allowance, right?

* Finding a good podcast is actually really hard. We love Revello's Buffycast, Ricky Gervais, and Tim Gunn's Project Runway Podcast, but we've listened to all of those several times. So we've been looking around for new ones, but we haven't found anything really good yet. Any recs? We are pretty picky. We don't like podcasts that have any of the following: drama improv geeks trying to be funny, people who talk about eating stuffing instead of the topic at hand, people who have mic problems or seem to enjoy having lots of background noise and / or music behind their voices.


Jenny said...

I listen to the daily podcast. It's basically just Bowers reading one of the posts for the day. They are not always great, but I like them. They have this great one on Larry David as the new Jane Austen that I thought was interesting. Another good place to look is on the itunes music store. They have loads of free subscriptions. Like discovery channel, etc.

femme feral said...

dude, I've browsed all the podcasts on itunes, and I guess I'm really picky because almost all of them annoy me. I'll check out the slate podcast.

why didn't tim gunn have a podcast this week?

Jenny said...

haha! even discovery channel? you are picky! What about "nature stories"? The Onion Radio News? (actually, I guess that one is kinda annoying).

why don't you and kurt do a podcast? a weekly fluffy dollars podcast! we were going to do one, but i don't know how to record it and put it on the blog. i am completely inept. but since kurt knows all about recording, you guys could do one!

femme feral said...

I think making a good podcast is probably too hard. I mean, I'd have to write out every word, b/c part of what I hate about podcasts is all the hemming and hawing and "happy talk." But I don't know why I wouldn't just make a post of FD. But I'm open. The SB has a great speaking voice.