Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Juxtapositions Made Possible by Capitalism: Target sells Nostalgia, Denies EC

All the cuddly 80's nostalgia you can handle ('cause buying something once is never enough) : cabbage patch kids , strawberry shortcake pocket book boom box , care bears , and my little pony.

And discriminating pharmacists:


ren said...

Ew! I really liked Target until now. I think people should consider respecting privacy instead of being poopheads!

juniper pearl said...

a few days ago i saw target's public statement about this, where they said they're doing what they think is best with the aim of keeping all of their employees comfortable and secure in their work environment. i, personally, get a lot more upset about the excessive and unnecessary prescription of antibiotics than i do about EC; if i were a target pharmacist, could i withhold the erythromycin your doctor prescribed to shut you up about your head cold and get you out of the office in time for his raquetball match? if i'm hanging on tomkat's every move, can i tear up your zoloft prescription before your very eyes?

grrrr. anyway, for the record, i'd like to state quite emphatically that those are NOT my little ponies, and that's not my strawberry shortcake, either. what have they done to them? they're all creepy. they appear to have been shipped off to mattel fat camp for a few decades.

ren said...

No joke about the my little ponies! They look all bug-eyed and anorexic. It's creepy. They were much more cute when I was eight.

femme feral said...

It's weird to walk through the aisles of target and see those toys that look sorta like the ones we had, but not. It's like they've had a "my scene" / "bratz" make-over.