Thursday, October 06, 2005

Making the Band Three: Season Two

Making the Band 3 is back.

The drama was pretty good last season, so we're gonna tune in for the premier (MTV; tonight at the ten spot). But that Diddy fellow is sorta ridiculous. You can read what we said about last season's finale here.

And you can get a recap of the drama on MTV overdrive here.

UPDATE: Making the Band 3 is as good as ever! Perhaps even better!!!!


Anonymous said...

i think that all of yall are a bunch of dummies because he cut the first band cut the second band and then cut yall bought yall back and then yall still think he gonna make a band. he aint. the shit is wack get on with yah life and dont waste your time on diddy

Anonymous said...

yeah um to the aononymus before me why dont you check out your info before you talk smack to these girls who are trin to make their dreams come true.....! Oh and Danity Kane is diddys band from the last season so writing that comment was a waste of your time!!!! Not Theirs cause diddy made their dream come true THEY ARE A REAL BAND!!