Friday, October 14, 2005

Darling Scarling

We love words. Old, weird, tasty, jangly words. So of course we were attracted to the band Scarling, because that name is so strange and razor-sharp sweet. At first we thought it was a portmanteau -- a blend of "scar" and "starling." But of course we consulted the OED, and we were thus directed to the words "skirling" which means "a young salmon, a samlet, a sparling" (I know! more tasty words) and "scarlet" which of course refers to the color but, in early use, also described "some rich cloth."

And then we were delighted not only by the pretty design of the band's website, but by the fact that they actually provide their own definition for the word:

scarling. definition

[Middle English, from Old English scaerlinc, from scar+ -ling, -linc -ling; akin to Old High German von scar, Latin scarnos] First appeared 1999

1. the smallest mark on your heart left by the healing of a severe injury.

2. he or she who is scarred densely almost emotionless

3. a mentally challenged/physically handicapped sibling of a normal star

4. a band from Los Angeles

(Someday, we are going to write our very own dictionary of strange and wonderful made up words. Perhaps we'll label small vials and inscribe the definitions on tiny shreds of old newspaper, blades of grass, leaves, and sparkly shards of glass.)

Anyway, Scarling's music is both lush and gravely -- sort of Velocity Girl meets Siouxsie Sioux meets Slowdive (with a bit of Deerhoof mixed in for good measure). Some people have described them as goth and "nu-gazer." We're just going to say that they sound like the type of band who might have played at The Bronze.

And while we are on the subject of bands, don't forget about the best band ever!: The Long Telegram. Their server is currently down, but we hear that new tracks are going up soon. We'll let you know as soon as that happens!

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