Friday, October 14, 2005

Google Poem of the Week: TomKat


tomkat is waiting for different
tomkat is exhausted by so good that the real ginger had to stop
tomkat exists in the open source
tomkat paces about in a true defender of the art of turntablism
tomkat swallows a hmr sumo son
tomkat remembers nothing of just as
tomkat is
tomkat wants required to run envoy on your system
tomkat displays the pilot of the turbokat and loves to flirt with danger
tomkat stays in a historic building for porn pilgrims
tomkat stands above featured on several of the tracks
tomkat looks to not here this time
tomkat gets demobbed by not working correctly
tomkat stays with light compared to others
tomkat fishes with doch a scherzkekserl oda? der
tomkat is troubled by on
tomkat sits into stupid
tomkat is decayed by not tuned for speed
tomkat sighs in my righteous brother
tomkat is shored against always on the lookout for new link trades

plus, you really must make a google pantoum. I plugged in "shih tzu" and the results were astonishing!

1 comment:

femme feral said...

I love how every line begins with tomkat except for one -- right in the middle, all by itself - "danger."