Saturday, August 13, 2005

Missy, My Idol

The video for "Lose Control" is a mish mash of the sandy desert, gritty industrial materials, marionette-like dance moves, prairie dresses shimmying amidst grainy blinky-blink early film era flickers, black-light dancing, and an oscillating, tingly loop that makes one feel as though Missy is playing their own spine like some post-modern xylophone. First she's buried in sand, then she's rising out of it like a hip-hop Persephone, then she's holding a puppy (who I think is her "baby" -- a yorkie named Poncho) , then she's shaking it like a polaroid picture.

I *LOVE* HER. And, I hope she cleans up at the VMA's.
Like P. Diddy and the Beastie Boys, Missy is putting her name on something you can wear. Yeah, I'm totally buying some of those.

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porkmuffin said...

i freaking LOVE Missy too! is there anyone better? i think not!