Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Sisterhood of the Cute Little Fluffies

kelly and her little yorkie

You may remember our post about Beyonce's pooch Munch Munch. And since we feel it is our duty to keep you aprised of all the cutest hollywood fluffs, we wanted to let you know about MOCHA, Kelly Rowland's adorable little yorkie.

k and m, cute as buttons

We found out about MOCHA on MTV CRIBS. Rowland's house is really beautiful, but nothing could compare to her little puppy. Kelly appears to shower little M with attention; she has her own grooming corner in Rowland's closet, and we all know that closet sharing signifies only the deepest love. Kelly even got on the stairmaster with mocha in her arms! Now THAT'S the way to exercise!

And BTW, Kelly is one of our new favorite celebs. She said she got three of everything (like yoga mats) because she likes to hang with her sistas (those other two children of destiny, or I suppose I must say retired children since Destiny's Child is officially over. boo hoo.). Anyway, we love that she is so into hanging with her girls.

You can see a watercolor of little mocha here.

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