Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Canadians are Fluffy

Hammy Hamster, Martha Mouse, and "GP"

You know, we don't spend *ALL* our time watching E! True Hollywood Story and reading In Touch. What do you think we are? Junkies?

No. We also watch "educational" promgramming, thank you very much.

This is our happiest (re) discovery since Teletubbies.

Well, it's a discovery for me at least; the Sad Billionaire, however, has known about Hammy Hamster since he was just a wee one wearing footie pajamas in Toronto.

Hammy Hamster is the television equivalent of those children's books from the 70s that used photographs to tell a story. It's live-action footage of a cute little hamster and his friends riding boats, peeking out of boots, and even swimming (have you ever seen a hamster swim -- it's very cute! Even cuter when he gets all bundled up in towel to warm up).

The story is delievered in a voice over, but you don't need that. We suggest muting the television. Instead, pop in a cd by Nobukazu Takemura to accompany Hammy and his friends.
The combination is intoxicating -- like a lullabye.

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