Saturday, September 23, 2006


1. I think the new Juicy Couture ads are really cute. They have fluffies and neon letters. I want to make neon poetry.

2. I am enjoying the new season of Laguna Biatch

3. I'm into DK. 15 years ago that DK would have stood for the Dead Kennedys. Now it stands for Danity Kane. (tho I still like the Dead Kennedys, fyi). Also, I think I like two songs by Hillary Duff and two songs by Kelly Clarkson. I think they are way better than the Arcade Fire or the Firery Furnaces or Death Cab or Animal Collective or whatever else the cool kids are listening to.

4. I've totally flipped re: my attitude toward the 6th season of the Gilmore Girls. How can I explain this? Perhaps I've accepted Rory. Perhaps I've accepted that the show is writ larger than life -- that the gestures are broad. I'm still mulling it over. But it is strange. I threw things at the TV last year. But watching the 6th season on DVD has been really fun. This is, of course, further evidence that all tv is better on DVD.

5. I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA

more confessions coming soon.


cheesemeister said...

I still have no idea what Juicy Coture is and I don't think I want to know.
I know who the Dead Kennedys are. I've never heard of...what you said.
I've never watched the Gilmore Girls.
I don't know what Ikea does.
Call me a pariah!

mzn said...

Have you seen this IKEA blog?